The 1973 Floodlit Trophy success

The 1973-74 season was one of the best for Bramley fans such as Andy. The club won the only major honour in its history, defeating Widnes 15-7 in the final of the BBC2 Floodlit Trophy at Naughton Park. Three of the games top clubs at the time, Wakefield Trinity, Castleford and St Helens were also defeated in a thrilling run in to the final.

This was the year of the oil crisis and ironically the Floodlit Trophy final had to be played in the afternoon rather than at night owing to government restrictions on the use of floodlights. Andy, thirteen years old at that time, missed the game as he was at school in the afternoon.  He was desperate to know the result as quick as possible and after hearing the result on Radio Leeds was euphoric. Whilst most of his classmates supported Leeds Andy was one of few loyal Bramley fans at the school and wore his scarf with immense pride the following day.

He remembers the day when the club won the trophy, a euphoric moment. It was a great day for about 2000 core fans of Bramley and for the community. The team went through more exposure in the media by reaching the semi-final of the John Player Trophy later that season and also appearing live on BBC’s Grandstand TV programme, in what was a historical season for the club. Unfortunately, the great moment did not last. Changes in management and the loss of leading players and various other reasons later saw the clubs fortunes decline. Yet, it remains as one of the most exciting times in Andy’s memory of the game.