Fartown and its heyday

Fartown was the home of Huddersfield Rugby League between 1875 and 1992. The ground was originaly known as the St Johns Ground, after Huddersfield St Johns cricket club which became its original occupants in 1868. In 1875 the cricket club merged with Huddersfield Athletic Club and the Huddersfield Cricket and Athletic Club was born. Although the Athletic Club had formed a rugby football section in 1866, it could not play at Fartown until a series of ground developments were finished in 1878. The famous venue quickly became synonymous with Huddersfield Rugby League team and was soon cemented as one of the sports most famous venues by the ‘team of all talents'.

For Neil and many others who watched the Club in the 1940s and 1950s, the old terrace side of the ground was an area which held many special memories. This was where the majority of fans stood all kitted out in the clubs colours, waving rattles and making high levels of noise with the same thoughts in mind, to urge the club on. The ground may not have provided today’s high tech standards of comfort but, with a soup stand and much camaraderie, the fans made do.

But in the 1990s Huddersfield left Fartown to look for pastures new. First they went to Leeds Road before moving to their current home at the Galpharm Stadium. This was much to the anguish of most followers, as Fartown was the place they had been brought up watching the club. Many felt it wrong watching Huddersfield elsewhere and some stopped all together, as it no longer felt like the same club without the old ground. But those who stayed on as supporters have managed to keep the clubs link with its spiritual home alive and chants of ‘Fartown, Fartown’, can still be heard reverberating around the Galpharm Stadium on match days.