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Keith Burhouse

rugby_leager_article_200A lifelong Huddersfield supporter, Keith Burhouse first remembers watching the club as a boy during the 1950s. This was a period of great success at Fartown as, along with leading British players like Dave Valentine, Mick Sullivan and Billy Banks, legendry Australians, Deverey, Cooper and Hunter, dazzled supporters with theirpicture_200_01 expansive brand of football. This great side left an indelible mark with Keith and he continued to be a devoted follower despite the club’s waning fortune’s in the years that followed the Championship victory of 1962. As the downward slide continued into the 1980s, Keith decided to become actively involved to help the club’s recovery. But over the next few years his commitments at Fartown grew beyond expectations as the failing financial situation was compounded by the decay of the old stadium. Keith and his family worked tirelessly to help keep the club alive as a desperate search for new investors took place. In 1989 a new consortium, led by Mick Murphy, took over and the club began its renaissance. Keith’s involvement continued and in recognition of his efforts he was appointed Associate Director, a position he still proudly holds today. Keith will also be familiar to many Rugby League fans through his voluntary work at Heritage Centre in the George Hotel. 

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