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Ronnie Wolfendon

picture_006_200_02Ronnie Wolfenden first became interested in rugby league at the age of nine. He remembers, a year later, listening to the Challenge Cup final as his local club Halifax beat York at Wembley in 1931. Whilst in his teens Ronnie picture_005_200began to play amateur Rugby League for Luddendon Foot. But the start of the Second World War put an end to his short lived career. He served in Burma during the war, where his interest in Halifax remained strong, and he began watching regularly again upon his return.

In 1966 Ronnie was given the opportunity to become more closely involved with the Club when he was invited to join the board of directors. Unfortunately this coincided with a downturn in fortunes as financial difficulties began picture_200_03to effect performances both off and on the field. He looked to improve the situation by finding new sources of revenue. In 1970 he organised a pop and blues concert at Thrum Hall which, unfortunately, was badly affected by poor weather. Shortly afterwards he left the board in protest, along with several other younger members, as the Club continued to raise finances by selling players. The policy saw Halifax’s slump continue in the 1970s and although he was invited back onto the board several times Ronnie was not tempted to return.

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