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Neil Shuttleworth

picture_015_200Neil has been involved with Rugby League for almost his entire life. He first fell in love with the game as he watched his local team ‘Fartown’ beat Swinton as a young boy. Since then, he has witnessed the many highs and lows of the Huddersfield Rugby League Club. As a child, Neil can remember watching the likes of Ted Slevin and Billy Banks as picture_008_200‘Fartown’ dominated the rugby league world in the immediate post war years. Then, growing up in the sixties with players such as Frankie Dyson and Tommy Smales, his love for the game became stronger as Huddersfield had to battle against dominant teams such as Wakefield Trinity. Neil eventually got chance to play his part in the club’s history by becoming involved with Huddersfield himself and was one of the driving forces which stopped Huddersfield disappearing for good during the 1980’s. The img_0108_200commitment and determination of Neil and a few others helped the club get through what has since been labelled ‘the barren years.’ Neil is still involved with the sport as a member of the video disciplinary committee. He shares with us the difficult task of mediating the modern game as well as the good and bad times of Huddersfield’s rugby league history.

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